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Defund DAPL: Whistle Stop Local Divestment Tour

  • Joe Marino Park Rockford IL (map)

Do you care about the injustice happening at Standing Rock but are unsure of how to help? Put your money where your heart is and decolonize your finances.

Chase, USBank, PNC, Bank of America
And Wells Fargo . . . These 5 banks hold more than half of the Dakota Access Pipe Line $3.7 billion investment and operate numerous branches throughout the region. Many national churches have divested funds and pensions from fossil fuel stocks. The City of Seattle just pulled $3 billion, yes BILLION closing its accounts with Wells Fargo, because Wells Fargo is the single the largest stakeholder in DAPL. Divestment = funds pulled out now total $54 million. 

If you needed a reason:
It could be the danger to the Missouri River where millions depend on clean water.
It could be runaway climate change, and idiot deniers in charge.
It could be recurring theft of tribal lands and 500 years of genocide. 
It could be heartless desecration of the sacred.
It could be the enduring lies and deceptions from Big Oil.
It could be dangerous arming military and paramilitary against unarmed US citizens.
It could be corrupting the mission of US agencies and environmental review process.

It is a pain in the neck to change banks, auto pays, lines of credit, passwords and all, 
But companies and institutions do this all the time as a cost saving measure
AND as a political move. Local banks and credit unions offer better terms and better service.  

Feb 17, On #NationalStrike day, we will withdraw the balance and close out of DAPL profiteering banks.

A bunch of good people are planning a multi bank field trip/ flash-gig
Rally Around Rockford: A Taste of Divestment. 

This event is under construction and our intention is to make this NATION-WIDE!


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