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Right now the Hopi are battling a water crisis. Arsenic in Hopis’ water is twice the EPA limit, and it is making them sick! The tribe estimates about three-quarters of the 7,000 people living on Hopi land are drinking arsenic-tainted water.

The Hopi Tribe filed a federal suit against the U.S. government, claiming it was part of the federal government’s trust responsibility to provide safe drinking water to the tribe. The tribe relied on the Winters Doctrine, which requires the government to reserve sufficient water to support a reservation when it sets aside land for a tribe. But the court found that this doctrine only implied a duty to prevent outsiders from diverting or sullying a tribe’s water supply. So unfortunately the Appeals Court ruled against the Hopis in April of 2015.

As of now many Hopi boil the water first before using it. While that diminishes the taste of the chlorine that the tribe uses to fight the arsenic, it does nothing to reduce the arsenic level in the water.


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