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Oil Money Out Advocacy Training Webinar (Sept 27th World Wide)

  • World Wide Webinar (map)

LAUNCHING! The next phase of our OIL MONEY OUT, PEOPLE POWER IN campaign. We're going to learn how to talk to our elected officials about the health impacts that are being caused because the oil industry. 

JOIN US on September 27th at 7:00pm for our Advocacy Training! The training will be open to the public and available via livestream on the Oil Money Out Facebook page. You can also join us live at Bernie's Coffee Shop in Downtown LA! This kickoff event will be led by none other thanDavid Braun, founder of numerous anti-fracking organizations, includingNew Yorkers Against Fracking, the group that successfully BANNED FRACKING in New York and the Director of the Oil Money Out campaign. He will teach us about how to talk to our elected officials and educate them about the tax payer funded scientific studies done by the state of California which demostrate the health impacts of oil extraction on the general population.

David will provide us with the tools and information to hold effective meetings with our elected officials, and become effective change agents in our democracy. 

Please join us and invite any of your friends across the state who are interested in learning how to hold effective meetings with your state legislators. 

** RSVP For The Webinar Here: **

Here's What's Coming Next: In the coming months, we’ll be working with communities throughout the state to set up meetings with our legislators and demand that all of our elected officials stop taking money from Big Oil and start prioritizing public health over industry profits. We hope you'll join us!

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