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Webinar Action Preparation: Defund Pipeline Chas Bank

During the Summer of Resistance, we will be putting the banking giant, JPMorgan Chase, on notice. We are asking supporters all over the country to head down to local Chase banks and demand that they Defund Tar Sands Pipelines.

We are excited to launch this work and up the pressure on JPMorgan Chase. At this point in the campaign, we believe that public pressure and peaceful demonstrations are critical to moving the bank away from financially backing these projects.The bank needs to hear from you!

This webinar will be a prepping step for the action on July 22nd. We will be rolling out the meeting location and which Chase bank we will be protesting at. During this acting we will be holding home made banners/signs against the Tar Sands Pipeline and during this time, we will have 2 designated representatives of the group go in and discuss the campaign with the bank manager.

Please RSVP if you can attend the webinar and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns!