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Full Moon Water Gratitude Gathering

MAY 10, 2017 (5/11 Aus)

Together we are a united growing community of water advocates acknowledging "Water AS Life" and "Life is Water"

Let's stand together, with our feet on the Water's shores, to make visible our gratitude for our Watersheds in local ceremonies around the world. As we share and support each other and explore how we can become more active in our local communities to protect the original natural rights of Our One Water within our own Watersheds ~ for future generations of All Life!

Host a Water Ceremony in your community
Learn more: www.LovingWaters.Life #LovingWaters

Time is your choice and dependent on your local time zone. You choose the precise time and nature of gratitude gathering. Be sure to let Loving Waters know the details so we can post it on our LW calendar. Send us an email from the FB page.

Please find a gathering in your area or create one in your own Watershed to celebrate our essential relationship with Water. 

You many contact us if you wish some guidance. Also, consider joining our monthly 'New Moon Water Guardian Connection Call' 

Share the Facebook event with your friends and circles.

Add your local Watershed Gratitude Gathering on the Loving Waters Calendar @

Post descriptions and photos of your Watershed Gatherings @

On May 10th, and on every full moon, we are each invited to remember and give gratitude for own personal sacred relationship with our Source of Life on this magnificent Earth ~ Our Water. This is an open expression of Love and appreciation for all that Water does for us as her creation. We, her Children, are now coming home to her and are called to give simple ceremony of reciprocity to receive and give the blessings of deep gratitude from and to Our Living Source Water.

Each month Loving Waters sends out Water's Loving Call to all people aligned with this essential message. We believe THE ONLY TIME IS NOW and that this is an imperative to transforming the dysfunctional human relationship with Life itself ... we must reboot from the roots and live within the clear and pure core Truth of Water as Source.

We may commit to this practice in many ways, in many traditions, in many diverse celebrations, and as often as we desire. You choose the expression that resonates most clearly with you. Most simply please consider making a point of giving thanks to Water every time she gives herself to you ... every drink, every shower, every piece of food. With every person you meet, make a point to look into the Water of their Eyes and silently give thanks ... we are One in the Water.

As well, the focus of Loving Waters is to call all our world's communities, each co-dependent upon our World's Watersheds, to come together to stand in ceremony on their own shores in gratitude for Our One Water to give and receive the Blessing of the Water. We invite this conversation to open and expand. Bring your own children into this concept.