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Water Is Life! Protect The Sacred Earth Week Global Challenge

Water is Life! Protect the Sacred Earth Week is a 9 day global challenge to inspire acts of love, service, and compassion toward our Mother Earth and all life.

Beginning in 2017 on April 22nd and continuing through April 30th, Protect the Sacred Earth Week catalyzes the love human beings have for the Earth by bringing people together globally to participate in a playful competition of compassionate action.

In Earth Week, Players and Teams strive together to come up with fun, meaningful, and creative ways to develop regenerative practices that celebrate life’s interconnectivity, while cultivating a responsibility to protect and restore the Earth for future generations of life to come!

Let’s come together and celebrate all that we love on this beautiful planet, and allow this love to move us into unprecedented, unified compassionate action for our world!

Learn more about ways to play, Earth Week Compassion Relay, Global Earth Compassion inspired events already planned, and more! You can sign up to play today as a player or team organizer today!

If you have questions or ideas on how to get involved please contact Compassion Games International Relations Coach, Sommer Joy at