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Hour of Spiritual Unity 3.27 - Anywhere

What if people all over the world, from all religions and no religion, united for one hour?

How much Light would be revealed? How would the world change?

On Monday, March 27th, participate however you choose to in this movement of global unification. Details:
• WHAT: Engage in a conscious activity that awakens your spirit. It can be reading from a holy scripture, meditation, contemplation, yoga,– anything of your choosing.
• WHEN: Any hour in the evening that suits you. Your evening, wherever you are in the world.
• HOW: There’s no set physical event to attend, this is a global unification of our individual energy. Connect by yourself, with a group, or by attending a consciousness-based event or gathering. You can be a part of the evening just by connecting. 
• WHY: To infuse the Aries New Moon, which is the lunar New Year, with the energy of oneness as the seed level of the coming 365 days.

It has been my dream that one day, barriers will be removed between people, and that we will find respect for each other’s spiritual practices and beliefs. For holy books from different traditions may contain different words but the message remains the same: To love each other, to love ourselves, and to grow our love and awe for the Infinite Force that is all around us and gives us life. Indeed, unity can be the foundation of our differences.

This year, the New Moon of Aries begins on the evening of Monday, March 27th. The kabbalists teach that this is the lunar New Year, the seed level of the coming 365 days, the start of a new cycle. What better time to use the technology available in our generation to do what has never been done before— to join together, regardless of our individual paths, to infuse the seed with unity and respect, to create a year that is the Tree of Life from which all the world can be nurtured.

With this in mind, I extend a personal invitation to you to participate in an Hour of Spiritual Unity. On the evening of March 27th, during the hour of your choosing and from wherever in the world you are, I invite you to engage in a conscious activity that awakens your spirit. It can be reading from a holy scripture — be it the Zohar, the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Quran, the Yogi Sutras, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Pali Canon, even poetry. Or if you prefer, you can meditate, contemplate, practice yoga, dance, sing…it is your choice and your individual connection. My hope is that together, our individual connections will generate a collective, global shift in consciousness.

Here's how you can participate:
1. Select Going or Interested & Share this event with friends
2. Update your profile pic with our graphic
3. Share your 1 hour pledge using #HourOfSpiritualUnity 
4. On 3/27, post your participation using #HourOfSpiritualUnity

This is the beauty of social media, as it brings everyone together like never before in history, with no boundary of geography, language, or other such barriers. Let us create a wave of energy that will ripple throughout the digital landscape, and around the globe. Let us inspire the choice of spiritual unity.

For many people in the world, these are dark times. Yet, we know that when you turn on the Light, the darkness disappears. May the Light that emanates from our unified efforts during this hour, shine so bright that it illuminates even the darkest corners of the world.

This is my most heartfelt desire, and I pray that you will join me.

God speed.

Karen Berg
Spiritual Director of The Kabbalah Centre