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What's your Water Footprint?

Ever wonder how much water you're consuming on a daily basis? What about the amount of water it takes to make one cup of coffee, or one cotton shirt?

Water Footprinting is a simple technique used to assess the amount of water we consume both directly and indirectly, through the products we buy and the services we use. In order to raise awareness on the techniques, and the benefits that this data can provide, WASHable International is running a campaign to kick-start the conversation on water footprinting.

Please join us on World Water Day on 22nd March and post a selfie with your water footprint using the online calculator tool provided by the Water Footprint Network -

Make just 1 pledge on how you plan to try and reduce your water footprint over the course of the next month, whether that's reducing your meat consumption, taking shorter showers (we wouldn't recommend no showers at all, considering other will have to live with the consequences...), reusing dish water, or purchasing more sustainable products. You might even consider drinking less coffee (there are much better ways to get started with your day...although admittedly we will find this one quite difficult!). 

We'll be posting regular updates throughout the remainder of March-April, so keep an eye out on handy tips and tricks, and see how everyone has got on at the end of April.

Whatever it is, get involved. Let's start the conversation, let's start understanding the data, and let's start making a change. #whatsyourfootprint