Upper Basin Meeting
6:00 pm18:00

Upper Basin Meeting

  • UGA Extension Spalding County

We are seeking interested individuals and groups that would like to help establish a Flint River Water Trail in the upper watershed (Clayton, Fayette, Spalding, Meriwether, Pike, Upson, Talbot, Crawford, Taylor, and Peach Counties).

Can't attend the meeting but still want to help? Contact Alexandra Robinson at arobinson@cityofgriffin.com for more information.

Indigenous Flood - United Nations : NYC - Come to New York!
May 5

Indigenous Flood - United Nations : NYC - Come to New York!

  • New York, NY

The Flood never came to Standing Rock, so let's bring the Flood to the United Nations. 

From April 24th to May 5th the United Nations in New York City is holding the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, also known as PFII. Typically, these forums lack Native American representation, and often have Non-Natives speaking on behalf of Natives and their issues. This ends now. 

For two weeks, we need to show New York, The UN, and the world that Indigenous People are here, and can speak for themselves. 

The world will not forget what happened at Standing Rock. The world will no longer ignore the conditions on reservations, and the issues effecting indigenous people around the globe. 3/4 of the world's population are indigenous, and it's time they stop forgetting that. 

There are multiple levels of events within this forum, some more exclusive than others. We want to come out in full force at every level. From top to bottom. From panels at the UN headquarters to flash mob round dances in Time Square, we are going to Flood New York City. 

Whether you are registered for the forum or not, we are asking for all indigenous people and allies to come to New York City and show your support. As the strongest of warriors take the United Nations to speak, they will have the support of their brothers and sisters outside, praying, singing, marching and standing in solidarity. 

Thousands came to Standing Rock. Thousands came to DC. And we can do the same in New York City. 

We are planning a plethora of events, from demonstrations, to speaking engagements, to gatherings and dances and celebrations. For two weeks, let's make New York City our new home. 

More details to come as this develops and grows. 

If you would like to register your own group for the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (PFII) in New York City. http://bit.ly/PFIIRegistration

Deadline March 30th 2017

Inexpensive Bus resources : 

March for Science Atlanta
12:00 pm12:00

March for Science Atlanta

  • Candler Park Dr NE

The Atlanta March for Science is an official satellite march organized by volunteers from the state of Georgia. We are committed to supporting the efforts of the Official March for Science movement and providing a platform for your voice to be heard in Georgia. If you cannot make it to the Washington, D.C. march, please consider joining our solidarity effort to support the official movement taking place worldwide on April 22nd, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. To help us keep you connected and stay up to date with the latest march information, please follow us at:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/ScienceMarchATL
Facebook: www.fb.com/ScienceMarchATL
Instagram: www.Instagram.com/ScienceMarchATL

Be sure to officially support #ScienceMarchATL by shopping at:

For more information on how to volunteer at the Atlanta March for Science, please sign up here: MarchForScienceatlanta.org

For more information on the Official March for Science – Washington, D.C., please follow the movement at: www.MarchForScience.com

The Atlanta March for Science supports the Mission and Diversity statements provided by the official March for Science and are committed to providing a safe, inclusive platform for every voice to be heard. 

March for Science Mission Statement:

The March for Science is a celebration of science. It’s not only about scientists and politicians; it is about the very real role that science plays in each of our lives and the need to respect and encourage research that gives us insight into the world. Nevertheless, the march has generated a great deal of conversation around whether or not scientists should involve themselves in politics. In the face of an alarming trend toward discrediting scientific consensus and restricting scientific discovery, we might ask instead: can we afford not to speak out in its defense?
People who value science have remained silent for far too long in the face of policies that ignore scientific evidence and endanger both human life and the future of our world. New policies threaten to further restrict scientists’ ability to research and communicate their findings. We face a possible future where people not only ignore scientific evidence, but seek to eliminate it entirely. Staying silent is a luxury that we can no longer afford. We must stand together and support science.
The application of science to policy is not a partisan issue. Anti-science agendas and policies have been advanced by politicians on both sides of the aisle, and they harm everyone — without exception. Science should neither serve special interests nor be rejected based on personal convictions. At its core, science is a tool for seeking answers. It can and should influence policy and guide our long-term decision-making.
The March for Science champions and defends science and scientific integrity, but it is a small step in the process toward encouraging the application of science in policy. We understand that the most effective way to protect science is to encourage the public to value and invest in it.
The best way to ensure science will influence policy is to encourage people to appreciate and engage with science. That can only happen through education, communication, and ties of mutual respect between scientists and their communities — the paths of communication must go both ways. There has too long been a divide between the scientific community and the public. We encourage scientists to reach out to their communities, sharing their research and its impact on people’s everyday lives. We encourage them, in turn, to listen to communities and consider their research and future plans from the perspective of the people they serve. We must take science out of the labs and journals and share it with the world.

March Against Big Banks: Defund Keystone XL
3:30 pm15:30

March Against Big Banks: Defund Keystone XL

  • Woodruff Park

Remember the Keystone XL pipeline? If built, it would carry tar sands oil -- the worst kind to use with regard to the climate -- across the border from Canada and allow that oil to easily reach refineries on the US Gulf Coast. The pipeline would carry oil over a major source of groundwater for western US states and put miles of indigenous and local people's land at risk from leaks and explosions, not to mention miles and miles of farmland and wildlife habitat. 

First Nations peoples in Canada, indigenous peoples in the US, farmers and landowners in its path, and activists far and wide fought Keystone XL for years and won when Obama rejected a permit for the pipeline to cross the US border. Now Trump has greenlit the project, so it's time to fight back and win again!

TransCanada, the company behind Keystone XL, can't build it without money. In Atlanta, we're targeting JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America to say: stop supporting TransCanada and #defundKXL

It's time to take action for our water, our air, and our planet's climate, and to support communities on the front lines of the effects of climate disruption and the actions of destructive corporations.

We will be marching from downtown atlanta to midtown, stopping at multiple bank branches on the way.

Sign-making Party 2
6:00 pm18:00

Sign-making Party 2

  • 82 Mayson Avenue Northeast Atlanta, GA, 30307 United States

Let's get together and make signs and banners for next Friday's (4/21) March Against Big Banks: Defund Keystone XL! Supplies and materials will be provided, but please feel free to bring what you have as well.

Location: The Teardown Community

Photo Credit:
Olympia, Washington. Keystone XL Pipeline protest.
Date 17 February 2013, 17:07:22
Author Brylie Oxley

Stand with Water Protectors/Aerial Photo at Earth Day Festival
1:00 pm13:00

Stand with Water Protectors/Aerial Photo at Earth Day Festival

  • Forsyth Park Savannah

This is the first event in DEFEND OUR WATER! Six Weeks of Action. 

Join us at Earth Day Savannah and get educated on how best to care for this beautiful Earth that sustains us. Water is the most essential source of our existence and without clean, unpolluted water, nothing can thrive and puts life as we know it, in danger. Every living being needs it, but humans are the ones creating the problem which also means we have the solutions.

Stand with your community and Water Protectors around the world as we take an aerial photo to record our commttment to caring for our rivers, streams, marshes, oceans and the life that relies on these habitats. 

Water is Life! Become a Water Protector!

DEFEND OUR WATER! Six Weeks of Action
from April 9th-May 20th

Week 1 4/15 Savannah Earth Day Festival-Stand with Water Protectors Aerial Photo 1:00 pm

Week 2 4/16-4/22
4/22 Earth Day-March For Science at Forsyth Park 12:00-4:00 pm

Week 3 4/23-2/29

Week 4 4/30-5/06
Water Blessing at Savannah River-Date and Time TBA

Week 5 5/7-5/13
5/11 Divest Savannah Rally at City Hall 12:00 pm

Week 6 5/14-5/20
Fundraiser for Standing Rock Water Protectors facing charges and The Bravheart Society

More details and how to get inolved soon.

DAPL & Native America: an evening of discussion and music
7:00 pm19:00

DAPL & Native America: an evening of discussion and music

  • Holy Trinity Parish-Episcopal Preschool

"DAPL & Native America: an evening of discussion and music" aimed at educating the Decatur-Atlanta community about events unfolding at Standing Rock, Native American culture and its relationship to current-day America, and ecology/care for the earth. There will be a number of speakers and music, and opportunities for small-group discussion as well.

Savannah Stands with Standing Rock
9:00 am09:00

Savannah Stands with Standing Rock

  • Brighter Day Natural Foods Market

We can't sit quietly while our lands are being destroyed and our waters polluted. Water is essential to every living being. To the Indigenous, it is sacred. The land and water, all living things are our culture. Sisters and brothers, we all come from Sacred Mother. She asks nothing but that we honor the earth and one another so that we may all live. She offers us everything we need to live, we must learn to appreciate and honor these gifts if we are to survive anything for our children. 

Meet out near Brighter Day and spend the day educating folks on Standing Rock and other pipelines. Come stand with me, stand with Standing Rock and the Water Protectors, stand for their land and water, stand for your own right to clean water. Bring your signs and let your voice be heard.

Defund DAPL and Vigil for the Savannah River
4:00 pm16:00

Defund DAPL and Vigil for the Savannah River

  • Wright Square, Savannah Historic District



At 4 pm on Friday, February 10th, we gather together in Wright Square (near Wells Fargo) as a community to stand with the Indigenous people of Standing Rock. This is an opportunity for those who have accounts at participating banks to let your voice be heard the only way they can hear you - by divesting your money! Stand up and refuse to let your hard earned dollars fund the destruction of the sacred lands of the original peoples of this country and the contamination of drinking water for millions. Express your passion for this cause with words, signs, etc. Be creative! 

At 5 pm we will be walking to the Savannah River in a silent vigil to offer our prayers and blessings to what has become the third most toxic river in the United States. We will asking for the forgiveness of the Sacred Waters by offering tobacco and sage. 

I wish it could be said that this is the only pipeline we are facing but there are many devastating pipelines in the works around the country. 

It is time for us, as a community to work toward truly sustainable alternative energy sources with the understanding that the first step is examining our wasteful, throw away mentality. We can no longer be consumers, we need to be creators. We need to be putting back more than we are taking from the earth if we hope to survive into the future.


For a list of banks and how to contact them:
Let them know why you are moving your money. They respond to losing business. 

Wells Fargo
Bank of America


Pipeline Resistance and how to get involved:

Standing Rock/Sacred Stone


Sabal Trail



Women Water Protectors: The Feminst Politics of Fracking
3:00 pm15:00

Women Water Protectors: The Feminst Politics of Fracking

  • Spelman College

Dr. Kristen Abatsis McHenry, Assistant Professor of Comparative Women's Studies at Spelman College will be giving a talk "Women Water Protectors: The Feminist Politics of Fracking" at 3:00 PM on February 17, 2017. She will examine the environmental health consequences for women living near fracking sites, and the political and gendered implications of contaminated water. 

A project of the Spelman College Women's Research and Resource Center where knowledge and pizza will be served.