Gadadi Camp - Arkansas

Pronounced Ga-da-di; we are a safe haven for natives in Ar, and a rallying point and camp for local water protectors fighting the DSPL and its activities.


What are they fighting?-

They are fighting the Diamond Pipeline


Are they accepting water protectors?-

Yes please go and support this camp!


Where is camp?-

288 Cole Mt. Road - Springfield, Arkansas 72157


What you can do to help this camp-

Send supplies! They are in desperate need! Here's a supply list:

**More bodies
*Tent steaks
*Chainsaw chains
*Chainsaw blade oil
*Tiki fuel or kerosine
**Large multi person tent(s)
(Preferably the more permanent living style type. Like a barracks tent, yurt, or something large enough for 8+ ppl)
*Stock foods
(Anything like canned goods, rice, flour, sugar, etc)
*kitchen gear (stoves, propane, pots and pans, etc. We have enough to cook for 10 ppl, but need to be able to produce for more) 
**E-Z-ups (pop up canopies)

Larger needs....
**More people
*A load of gravel
*A load of lumber
*Lots of nails/wood screws
*Gas for chainsaw
*A portopotty
**again, more People

***We are clearing areas and building permanent structures at Gadadi to be able to have some sort of permanent housing and common area for cooking and bathroom. At the moment we are living fairly "primitive" as Martin calls it, so campers need to be prepared for slightly primitive conditions till we can get more help getting structures erected. There is a camper with a toilet on site, so we do have some electric and bathroom. We definitely need bodies though.  
We need campers. Lots of work to do and we need more bodies to do it. Many community projects planned as well as water protection actions, but we need more people. Bring yard tools if you can, however we do have many areas cleared for campers now, and are ready for arrivals.


Camp rules-

No guns
No alcohol
No drugs (without prescription)
Mind your trash

Camp Gadadi Camp Facebook page