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Project the Bradley Signal to tell Sen Bradley-Ban Fracking Now! (Jan 11 Orange Park FL)

  • 2042 Park Ave Orange Park, FL 32073-5522 (map)

This year, Senator Rob Bradley’s focus on conservation legislation has made him a hero for Florida’s environment. But there is one critical issue he has yet to announce his support for- a ban on fracking in Florida. Senate Bradley is a key vote on the ban fracking bill (SB 462) and we need his support in order to pass the bill. He can be a hero for our entire state--if he understands how urgent the fracking ban is Floridians and agrees to hear the ban bill in its first committee.

The Florida Legislative session begins this week and we only have 2 months to pass the fracking ban. To call for his leadership in this dire moment, we will be gathering to cast “the Bradley Signal” (pictured above!) at Orange Park City Hall next Thursday at 6:30 PM to urge Sen Bradley to support the fracking ban and bring for a vote in his committee. Please join us to show Senator Bradley we want fracking banned and bring your friends!