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Gettin' The Word Out !

  • Christina Park Softball Complex 625 W County Road 540A Lakeland, FL, 33813 United States (map)

This is an official invite to come together and join forces and "Get the Word Out. ". Recently we have all seen that things are coming together . We have been scattered out long enough . We have all worked so hard on making things get right with our efforts to make sure that the Polluters and Politicians are put to a stop . The causes that we all defend and protect are in critical condition . The land , the air , the water and the wildlife . These things are necessary for our life and the lives of our children and generations after us . Our Mother Earth is sick . And she needs us . Although she will always be here and she has always been able to overcome whatever has been in her path , we can't . You see she doesn't need us but we need her . We need her Water , her Air , her Land. We need wildlife . The human race cannot survive without her . 
That being said I would like to invite you all Tree Huggers , activists , victims , concerned citizens etc... , to come together all in one place . A day that we can all meet with one another , share our experiences, knowledge , information, ideas ,plans and anything else we want to share . 
I feel blessed to have met so many of you who share the same goals and ideas . I've been blessed and learned so much . Each of us have our own causes that we hold close to our hearts . Each of us have our own beliefs and reasons why we do this . Personally I started fighting the hardest I ever had when my Eight year old daughter called me into the bathroom to see her bathwater was brownish orange with clumps of clay in it . Three weeks before the Mosaic sinkhole was made public . Later My moms hands turned blue when she used the well water to wash her hands . she spent those two days in her room , nauseous , dizzy , headache , diarrhea and regurgitating . 
Whatever the reasons are . They exist . 
We need to gather as one to ensure that the rest of our fight doesn't stay within the bounds of the internet and social media . We need to gather on a personal basis to insure that all we arm ourselves . We need gather as a show of unity to to each other . 
So much if our information , our intentions and our "ammunition" so to speak is out there for the world to see . And I don't personally believe that those we fight against are posting their battle plans They don't scream from the hilltops all their next moves . 
I have personally been blessed to have met some wonderful people during this journey . And the fact that I got to work with them , plan with them and have them hear my voice as well as my being able to hear theirs , has made me respect and appreciate myself as well as all of you . When I felt alone and thought I was the only one who understood . When I needed to be picked back up and brushed off ,and told to soldier up. Y'all were there So thanks . Remember we are small but we are mighty . And when ya think about it . They need us . Alot more than we need them . 
I would love to meet all of you . We need to make sure that we support each other in our causes . We need to join our forces by joining people to people , towns to towns and county's to county's .