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Water Ceremony

  • Coral Cove Park 19450 County Highway 707 Tequesta, FL, 33469 United States (map)


DATE: Tuesday April 11th
TIME: 6:30 PM
BEACH LOCATION: Coral Cove Park Beach 19450 County Hwy 707, Tequesta, FL 33469
DETAILS: Enter main beach parking lot, turn right and park at the end of the lot. We will gather on the beach by the big rocks on the right. Feel free to bring a blanket or chair to sit on if needed along with WATER to keep hydrated.
COST: There is no cost for attending this Water Ceremony. It is free and open for everyone to join together for the purpose of Peace through Payer To WATER.

A Monthly Water Ceremony Of Love & Gratitude with Native American Elder & Medicine Man Iron Eagle Joe. 

We are very fortunate to have Iron Eagle Joe leading our Full Moon Water Ceremony this Tuesday April 11th at 6:30pm at Coral Cove Beach in Tequesta Florida. Iron Eagle Joe will share wisdom from the heart and his dedication towards educating all people the importance of WATER. 

We invite you and your family to join monthly Water Ceremony of Love & Gratitude, a gathering of the heart, with true intention to heal our Waters for Peace on Earth. We are water and water is Life! Water is what connects all life. When we set our hearts intentions to love and gratitude to heal water, we heal ourselves and we heal all water life on Mother Earth.

In honoring of Great Spirit and all our relations we will offer the Ho'oponopono Prayer:

"Water, I Am Sorry
Water, Please Forgive Me
Water, Thank You
Water, I Love You."

When we gather as a community and unite hearts in Love & Gratitude, it's the power of our resoance that will forever shift consciousness towards a greater awareness of WATER and the power each of us holds for Peace on Earth. Peace begins within.

When we brought Dr. Emoto & Iron Eagle together in 2014 to hold Water Ceremony here in South Florida, they shared an instant brotherly connection of the heart and a great respect for WATER. Dr. Emoto held a private meeting, where with great honor, he invited Iron Eagle to Japan to participate in the very sacred Water Ceremony held every 5 years at the Heitate Shrine for World Peace. Even though Dr. Emoto sadly passed away suddenly, only two months later, Iron Eagle Joe honored Dr. Emoto's request to travel to Japan to participate in blessing our water for world peace. 

Iron Eagle Joe is a consistent blessing and an incredible resource in the community of South Florida for helping families and facilitating healing for the people in need. With humbleness and great integrity, Iron Eagle leads by example, teaching others the importance of intention solely from the heart. When our intention into every moment comes from love and gratitude, we are open to the power of the resoance of Love and Gratitude making healing for all life (water) possible. 

We would like to share our deep Gratitude to Iron Eagle Joe, Richard Wyzanski and Lindsay Kemp for facillatiting Water Education & Monthly Water Ceremony for the South Florida Communiy. It has been through their resonance and support that Water Peace Project is able to continue spreading Love & Gratitude to this wonderful South Florida community!'s mission is to inspire and educate all people, especially children, the importance of WATER for Peace. To find out how WPP fulfills this mission and for a free digital copy of Dr. Masaru Emoto's "Message from Water, Children's Version" children's book, please visit

Everyone Is Welcome to Join Our Monthly Water Ceremomy in person or in heart right from where you are. Please join this event, share with friends and check back each month for Monthly Ceremony Locations, Special Updates & Honorary Guests!

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We thank you for your resonance in Love & Gratitude. 
Many Blessings, A'ho !