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Sacred Water Ceremony Fort Myers

  • Centennial Park 2000 W 1st Street Fort Myers, Florida 33901 (map)

Join us on this special Sunday as we gather to honor the waters. We meet in the big pavilion near the bridge in Centennial Park. Please bring your love and your voice and your instruments.  

You will find very different types of water ceremonies all over the world. Our water ceremony is a collective time to honor and bless the water. Singing songs, playing instruments, acknowledging the great gift that water is in our lives, sending healing energy and thoughts to the water, and receiving education from the Native American elders that we study under and the educational material passed on to the Hado instructors who studied under Dr. Masaru Emoto before passed away. We are water. Water is sacred. Water is life. And water is the blood of our mother earth. With this powerful understanding, we create a mandala or sacred geometrical pattern on the sand/ground using crystals, flowers, shells or other beautiful and sacred materials that surround a vessel filled with water from that area that the ceremony is being held. You could say that we hold a beautiful concert for the water and when the concert is over we offer this highly charged water back to the original source while sharing Ho'oponopono in a song form. Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness It is a powerful incantation to the water and allows us the opportunity to make right any actions , thoughts , or energy that we have created that was received by the water and thus reflected back as anything other than peace. 

No. This meeting is non-denominational and we love to have all faiths, religions, beliefs and nationalities present. There is more water in our blood then plasma and more water in our body than blood. We believe that we are all related by water. We are all brothers and sisters. All are welcome. 

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

Water science now agrees that water records, stores and transmits all information it receives. Although this information was disputed for many years by scientists, Dr. Masaru Emoto was famously noted for sharing this knowledge to the masses through his water crystal photography that proved to our own eyes that water was influenced by surrounding energy. And yet, indigenous tribes such as the Native American elders have shared this knowledge with us since as long as we have recorded. It is something that they have never forgotten and yet something that we are just starting to understand. 

Water makes up 70-80% of the human body on a cellular level and on a molecular level, a whopping 99%. We truly are water. And we live on a planet that is 75% water. Water beings on a water planet, you can say. It is integral to the functioning of the human body and to the planet that we have a deep understanding of how water works. 

This brings us back to Dr. Emoto His studies of water proved that water resonates, which means that it will match the frequency it is shown. When Dr. Emoto played music for the water and then took samples of the water to freeze and photograph the molecular structure changed based on the type of music. The same happened with words that he wrote on the water bottle, and with pictures and images. Beautiful images, words, music and even thoughts produced crystals that were structured and beautiful and symmetrical, as if created by an amazing artist. Negative or harsh music, words, images or thoughts left the water disfigured. 

All things that exist create their own unique vibration, including our thoughts and emotions. All vibration is actually producing a sound and water can hear or receive all of these vibrations. And as stated before water can record and then reproduce that vibration. So, water is a powerful teacher for us because it is reflecting back to us the frequency of our thoughts our emotions and our actions. We should regularly spend time with the water seeing what it is reflecting back to us and also offering prayers and reconciling any actions or emotions of ours that may have been out of alignment with peace and harmony. This is powerful for our own health and peace. 

On a grander scale we also have the opportunity to create peace as a whole of humanity by gathering together with our communities and praying or setting the intention for peace on a global scale. This may at first sound crazy to some, but we are in a very auspicious time in our lives when how we as a society have done things is obviously not working. On a level of society there is much suffering, war, crime, sadness and distress . We have not fixed this on a large scale effort and so the possibility of Nikola Tesla's great advice may have benefit. He said, "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." Vibration is small, so what small things have we overlooked in our lives that are not in harmony with peace. If the world is not at peace, if the water is not at peace, then somewhere inside of our selves we have the opportunity to create more peace. It may not be an obvious or easier answer and that is why the water is such a powerful tool again, because when we offer our love to the water in a water ceremony the absolute only response that our body can have is to also receive this love, because we are water. It is not an organization, a group, a president, or any other entity that will create peace for us. This powerful time that we have all of these lessons from the water shows that it is every single one of us that creates peace.

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