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The Florida CLEAN WATER MOVEMENT In The Ft Myers beach Shrimp Parade

  • Fort Myers Beach, Florida 33967 (map)

Save our local community waterways from the ecological disaster known as the Lake O Discharges. Take a stand for clean water as a basic human right. Join together to join in the annual ft Myers beach annual shrimp parade on this date. We must all meet behind the ft Myers beach elementary school (Estero Blvd and School street) NO later than 8am due to the bridge closing at 9am). We will March thru downtown FMB in the parade as a statewide clean water MOVEMENT in statewide unity to DemAnd CLEAN WATER as a basic human right for all of Florida and to showcase the idea that we all live in a sewer, NOT a city at this point for us all across this state, NOT just ft Myers beach . We will also take to the ft Myers beach pier located in the heart of the ft Myers beach annual shrimp festival at high 1230pm to form a massive demonstration atop the fishing pier. And then at 200pm the masses of clean water activists will March the streets of ft Myers beach in the middle of spring break on President Day, on our way to the ft Myers beach town hall building to DemAnd localized water quality tests and provide information to the general public at large NOW. 
Bring tons of signs, banners, flags, drones, and a good attitude as the SWFL CLEAN WATER MOVEMENT invites all of YOU and YOU and YOU. We highly recommend all to participate in what should be a very important day for us all in our quest for clean water and to say NO to the LAKE O DISCHARGES as one united front on a statewide level to unite FLORIDA!
We ask for eco activism group and educational platforms to join us. Help by sharing this event to all YOU know. Help by organizing groups of people willing to attend. Help by showing up!
On this very date,
WE sent a clear message;
Clean WATER as a basic human right for all of Florida NOW!