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Sacred Water Benefit Show at Nighthawks!

  • Nighthawks 2952 Roosevelt Blvd, Jacksonville, Florida 32205 (map)

Sacred Water Benefit Show! Come join us for an evening of music benefitting our Water Protectors defending Florida! 

At Nighthawks Feb. 8 at 8pm. 
$5 donation at the door gets you one raffle ticket for a chance to win prizes from local artists and businesses! $10 will get you three raffle tickets! All proceeds will be donated directly to action/spirit camps committed to stopping the Sabal Trail Pipeline.

ANCIENT DEEP (Immers Music/Open Bar Music)




PET STAR POSTURE /// Her last performance in JAX!

DJ DOLPHIN JAZZ playing cassettes all night!

With special guest speakers:
Laura Catlow Parks, a DIY pipeline violations documentor/reporter and trainer from the Stop Sabal Trail Pipeline movement.
Josh Weber, a local grassroots organizer and activist.

Raffle call at Midnight!

The Sabal Trail Pipeline is a 515 mile gas pipeline that is now being constructed in multiple locations simultaneously in Alabama, Georgia and most of Florida. Along with the pipeline multiple LNG stations and storage facilities are being built near bodies of water for export of this gas including right here in Jacksonville. Pipelines always break, always leak, always explode! This entire project puts not only the lives of people living or working near by at risk, but the Floridan Aquifer and thousands of fresh water springs that provide all of us water. Sabal Trail also contributes to environmental racism and climate injustice.

Already we are feeling the impact of this project. Lands have been taken through eminent domain, burial grounds have been desecrated, wetlands destroyed, endangered plant and animal habitats destroyed, massive sinkholes have formed near drill sites, fuels have leaked into waterways and people in rural areas near the construction sites have no access to water as their water has been re-routed for Sabal Trail use. 

Water Protector camps are growing throughout Florida along the pipeline path. The Heartland Camps are committed to teaching, training, action and peaceful prayer. These include Turtle Mound, Seven Fires, Blue Sky and Indigo Tears. Sacred Water Camp is an informative and prayer camp. People have come as far as California and Standing Rock, and more plan to do so. As these camps grow so do their needs. All money donations and supplies for camps are greatly appreciated! 

Protect Our Water! Water Is Life! People Over Pipelines! Stop Sabal Trail!