Defend Wayne Forest Camp - Ohio

Defend Wayne Forest Camp is dedicated to spreading info about fracking in the Wayne Nation Forest of Ohio and any efforts to stop it.  They are a diverse and growing community committed to protecting clean water and the sanctuary of Ohio's only National Forest.


What are they fighting?-

In December, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management began to auction off parts of the Wayne National Forest to oil- and gas-drilling companies: more than 700 were leased in mid-December, then a thousand more in March. This camp is defending the forest against this threat.


Can you go to camp?-

Yes! Camp opens officially on May 31st 2017. As of right now please signup for the camps news letter HERE to inquire about attending camp.


Where is Camp?-

Lamping Homestead Recreation area in Graysville, Ohio


How can help camp?-

The camp is in serious need of donations to help build infrastructure and to continue to fight. DONATE HERE

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