Cotoname Village at Carrizo Springs - Texas

This up coming village is part of the Carrizo-Comecrudo tribe of Texas. The Carrizo/Comecrudo people lived along the South Texas Rio Grande delta since before Texas joined the union. Since Texas joined they decided to not honor treaties with the tribes that were made before.  The State of Texas has since taken the harsh stance of not recognizing this tribe as well as others.  Since all the tribes have been scrubbed out of the history books this has limited their ability to practice their life ways and teach their children. They want to be part of the Healing of the damage to our earth. They also want to provide training in various areas of Alternative Energy and Water Purification. The Texas Brownsville Port Authority has already agreed to use part of their sacred fishing lands "Garcia Pasture" as part of an ungodly Export Terminal storage facility, extending the Oil and gas pipeline head of the snake into something massive along Gulf of Mexico beaches.

What are they fighting?-

Rio Bravo Pipeline - Rio Grande LNG and Valley Crossing Pipeline


Are they Accepting water protectors?-

YES! These guys need people ASAP to help build this village!


Where is camp?-

Floresville, Texas


How can you help camp?-

DONATE HERE! This camp is in desperate need for donations! Send supplies to camp. Please contact camp for official address to send supplies HERE

GO TO CAMP! Please go and help build this camp!

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