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Crop Mob at Four Winds Indigenous Garden!

  • Four Winds American Indian Council 205 W 5th Ave Denver, Colorado 80204 (map)

What is a Crop Mob? 
A Crop Mob is a group of volunteers who come together to build and empower communities by working side by side and doing the work it takes a community to do. Experienced farmers and gardeners also volunteer their time to share their knowledge with their peers and the next generation of agrarians. The membership is dynamic, changing and growing with each new mob event. 

Four Winds American Indian Council is an American Indian organization dedicated to strengthening and empowering a resilient Indian community in metropolitan Denver. We recognize that empowerment is the fruit of freedom, and that the meaning of our work must be spiritual, psychological, political and economic liberation of Indian people, at both a personal and community level, which can only be done in relationship to the liberation of our Indian nations. 

Four Winds Indigenous Garden Project - In the heart of Baker neighborhood, there is a sacred space dedicated for the Indigenous sharing of wisdom, culture, language, songs and stories. Through Traditional Ecological Knowledge TEK, Four Winds is committed to educating to find long term Indigenous solutions to work with our natural element relatives to slow down climate change to promote healthier life ways for the seven generations to come. we invite you to come help us expand and create our Four Winds Indigenous Garden using low/no till techniques of building healthy soil. This means layering healthy slow compostable nutrients as if we were mimicking the decomposition process of a forest. We will construct several beautiful raised garden beds that will grow a three sister’s garden and other Indigenous food crops for our elders, youth and families. This is a free event! Anyone can join, participate, we will begin promptly at 8am, there will be lunch served immediately after with an educational lesson on Indigenous permaculture, weaving TEK with innovative science! Please register at