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Women and Children for the Climate Bill of Rights

  • 1290 South Public Road Lafayette, CO, 80026 United States (map)

On the evening of Tuesday, February 7, women and children will address the Lafayette City Council in support of the Climate Bill of Rights and Protections. 

We are asking families, women and mothers to come and speak to the Lafayette City Council and share in this important council discussion. 

As oil and gas drilling approach closer to Lafayette, our city is now making news across the state for our tenacity and stength in standing up to protect our climate and people. Please bring your hearts and presence to this enormously important meeting and let's begin to change the world together, right here in Lafayette. 

Some talking points to consider:
1. We have a fundamental, inalienable right to a healthy climate (use the words Healthy Climate, not just clean air and clean water)

2. Oil and gas extraction, (Fracking), is a violation of our fundamental right to a healthy climate

3. We have a fundamental right to local community self-government and the authority to make decisions to protect a healthy local climate

4. Should the city fail to protect us from activities which harm our climate, i.e oil and gas extraction, fracking, etc., the citizens of Lafayette have a right to peacefully defend the Lafayette Climate Bill of Rights through nonviolent direct action

5. Citizens who perform Nonviolent direct action to protect this law shall not be harassed, arrested or detained by police. 

6. Oppression and unjust laws are changed by refusing to cooperate with and obey these unjust laws, i.e slavery, civil rights, women’s right to vote, gay rights to marry, right to consume cannabis legally, right to not be asked about your immigration status or your religion (happening now).

7. We refuse to obey unjust laws that threaten our healthy climate such as the Colorado Oil and Gas Act. We expect the city to side with people in protecting our right to a healthy climate and passing the Lafayette Bill of Rights.

Check out these articles for more information on the Climate Bill of Rights and what has already taken place. 


Please invite all friends and please come out and support this monmental, revolutionary bill.