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Stop Pacific Trails Pipeline & Coastal Gas Link

The Pacific Trails Pipeline and Coastal Gas Link are both intending to force their way onto unceded Unist'ot'en Yintah. They have spent the Fall of 2016 preparing numerous sites along their proposed route. 

We need courageous, loving, and determined People to join us on the frontline to help us stop the company from doing any illegal, unconstitutional, and unsanctioned work on our territories. 

We also need People to become organizers for their areas and create localized events to uncertainty amongst the investors for this project. #Chevron #WoodsideEnergyInternational #TransCanada#CanadianGovernment #BCgovernment #RBC #GetemdoneContracting 

We are also looking for solid researchers to help assemble a more comprehensive list of investors, contractors, subcontractors, and government agencies who are attempting to enable these #GlobalCriminals. This comprehensive list will be used as major campaign points for rallues between now and the Spring if 2017. 

We've been fighting many proposed pipelines for the past 7 years and the dirtiest of the petroleum companies (Chevron & TransCanada) are who is left of our foes on the battlefield.