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The Big Switch Off 2017


The aim of this event is to send a clear message to the establishment that we have had enough. No more fake austerity. No more savage cuts to the
welfare state. Stop the systematic dismantling of our beloved NHS. The will of the people will not be ignored. Brexit and so much more.

It has been proven that petitions do not work. Protesting on the streets does not work. Voting does not work. Things are only going to get progressively
worse unless we stand united. One voice, one clear message. "Enough is enough!"

All that is required from us is a simple day of non-compliance. Simply SWITCH OFF. Unplug. No gas. No electricity. No buying of any goods or services.

Just imagine if the whole UK acted together in sending a defiant message. Our true POWER is in our NUMBERS. Never forget WE are many, they are few.

One small sacrifice from each and every one of us for 24 hours.