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Stop the Pipelines: Start the Music - 2017

Stop the Pipelines: Start the Music - 2017 Unist'ot'en Spring Tour

In March, 2017 the Chiefs and other representatives of the Unist'ot'en Clan will be on tour - bringing word of their ongoing stand in defence of their land and against the construction of fossil fuel pipelines.

ach event will include reports from the front lines as well as some great music and entertainment.

Join the Unist'ot'en in the following communities:

March 11 - Vancouver - Stop the Pipelines, Start the Music feat The Boom Booms + More
March 12 - Fort Langley - Stop the Pipelines: Start the Music - Kwantlen , Fort Langley 
March 13 - Bellingham - Stop the Pipelines, Start the Music!
March 15 - Galiano Island - Stop the Pipeline: Start the Music - Galiano Island
March 16 - Victoria
March 17 - Nanaimo - Stop the Pipelines: Start the Music Nanaimo

The Unist'ot'en Territory is located about half way between Prince George and Prince Rupert in northern British Columbia. Numerous bitumen and fracked gas pipelines are proposed to cross this land. The Northern Gateway bitumen pipeline has been stopped as was expected. But industry and government are currently pushing ahead with several fracked gas pipelines. With a Provincial election this May and pressure from the pipeline companies, the Unist'ot'en are preparing for stepped up incursions onto their land by these companies.

The life cycle carbon footprint of fracked gas is similar to that of tar sands bitumen. The process of extracting and liquefying natural gas is extremely destructive to the land and uses huge amounts of energy and water. And, the contracts being signed for these pipelines allow them to be converted to transport tar sands bitumen after only 5 years.

he Unist'ot'en stance is clear - there will be n fossil fue pipelines built on eir land. But the Camp is bout uch more than this. It is a place of learning, of healing, of connecting with nature, of breaking with the legacy of colonization. Now in its 8th year, the Unist'ot'en Camp includes an all season bunk house, a permaculture garden and an under construction Healing Lodge. The Camp is completely drug and alcohol free.
The Unist'ot'en Healing Lodge ill have indigenous youth as its main focus. The lodge is about 2/3 built and will hopefully be completed this year. It will include a dining hall and kitchen, counselling and meeting rooms, a green house and extensive sleeping quarters.

At the Healing Lodge, Indigenous youth will be away from the influences of urban life. They will learn about their culture, history and language. They will engage in the physical work of restoring the land. And, they will receive high quality personal counselling.

Funds raised during the "Stop the Pipelines; Start the Musi - 201" Tour will go towards maintaining the Unist'ot'en Camp including paying for the completion of the Healing Lodge.

heir website is at -

Ts Unist'ot'en Declaration as ssued in the summer of 201:

Later Event: March 12
Stand with Standing Rock