Camp White Pine - Pennsylvania

Connecting efforts to defend their water, land, and air from Sunoco's profiteering across Pennsylvania. From Mariner East to Marcus Hook, they fight for a healthy and safe future for the next generation. Pennsylvania as a state has done an intentional job of erasing native history.  This state has not recognized tribes or treaty lands, yet native communities are alive there today and have a long history that Camp White Pine works to lift up while they resist the pipeline.

Who are the fighting?-

Mariner East II Pipeline and Marcus Hook Refinery


Can you go to camp?-

Yes that are currently accepting water protectors! BUT camp is trying to keep infiltrators out! Strict vetting is being done to protect the people and their mission so every member is accepted on a vouching system. You must either know someone at camp or know someone who knows someone, there are no exceptions! 


Where is camp?-

Huntingdon County, PA


How you can help camp-

Go to camp and peacefully fight along side these amazing people!

DONATE!! This camp need donations for their legal fund! Help to keep camp member fighting! You can donate directly to camps legal fund HERE

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