Camp Turtle Island - Minnesota

Camp Turtle Island, where Treaty rights and Annishinaabe Culture come first. Camp Red Power wants to be a completely self sustaining camp. They want to get back to using a trade and barter system, it's more efficient and roots back to the old ways. Right now some projects they are doing in camp to become self sustainable are as follows:   1. Removing Propane - They are working to create a propane free environment. Cooking over a fire, electric flattop for taco day, and a Clay based oven is their game plan. Man power is needed to complete this!  2. Harvest their own electricity -  They have all the materials to use solar power in 100% of everything they do.  3. Grow their own food -  They have received some good heirloom seeds from the seed bank and are in the process of making a greenhouse.  4. Retain their Traditions and Values -  Anyone is welcome to come help build the camp and learn teachings. Whether it be in the form of sugarbush, fishing, or wigwam building - you get hands on learning. This is a place where people come to learn, teach and heal. They also want to educate people on pipeline threats and camps in the movement. They believe it's time to live the way we are all meant to.


What are they fighting?-

Camp Turtle Island is up against the Enbridge Line 3 replacement


Can you go to camp?-

YES! Camp Turtle Island needs water protectors immediately!


Where is camp?-

Camp Turtle Island is located on White Earth Reservation in Minnesota about 17 miles away from the proposed Enbridge Pipeline 3. Click for Google Map HERE


How can you help camp?-

Go to camp! They need people! Donate to camp! You can donate to camp HERE , Camp Turtle Island would rather have supply/hands and volunteers. Monetary donations will go to transportation needs, bills and equipment to help them become self sufficient.

Supply List is:

Gas cards
Hand tools
Gardening tools
Food donations always welcome
Art supplies for banners and other things
Work gloves
Garbage bags
Personal hygiene products
Moon products
Solar generators
Deep cycle batteries
Power Invertors
Solar charge controller
Copper electrical wire
Canvas for housing (12 x 20)
Wood stoves


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