Camp Toyahvale - Texas

Camp Toyahvale at Pemanxoje or Toyahvale Texas is a camp to learn to live with the land and Protect the water. 


Can you go to camp?-

Yes, they are currently taking water protectors BUT you must first fill out a registration page HERE 


Where is camp?-

Toyahvale, Texas


What to expect at camp-

Camp Toyahvale Guidelines

*Please be respectful of any artifacts discovered at Camp Toyahvale. They are not to be removed under any circumstances.

Camp Toyahvale at (Pemanxoje) Toyahvale, Texas is a camp to learn to live with the land and

protect the water. The first Native College in Texas.

Participants must come 100% self-sufficient at this time until the camp creates more

infrastructure. That means food, water, medical supplies, tents, packing out trash and any

sanitation. Campers will be asked to participate to the camp as it grows and may be asked to

sign up for a variety of duties for the good of everyone.

All participants will be asked to sign a Waiver of Liability.

Everyone must check-in, and be prepared to abide by camp rules which will include modern

legalities as well as respect for the native traditions and culture of the original inhabitants.

Water Protectors are absolutely welcome but we will not be engaging in direct action from this

site. Our education about the land is our best statement for its protection. We are happy to

provide guidance to an Action Camp in the area.

Please be aware that there may be prayer and ceremonies conducted.

Respect this and do not disturb or participate unless invited.

Please follow all security guidelines associated with entry to the Camp

 Please provide any personal information requested that will allow us

to know who is visiting our Camp

Please accurately complete a Liability release form

 Respect the land, plants and creatures present on this property.

 No collection, or disturbing of any artifacts

 Respect the boundaries of the established camp we are surrounded by

private property.

 No ground fires unless approved by Security

No Drugs or Alcohol

 No abusive language

No acts of violence

 Respect for all local laws and ordinances

 No vendors unless approved by the Council

 Please use the sanitation facilities provided

No pets unless certified service animals or animals approved by Security

Entry and exit through established areas

 Keep your personal space clean and orderly

Participate in policing the camp for trash every evening before sunset

Use only reuseable items when possible (no paper plates, paper cups, plastic


Participate in any task required to sustain the camp

 Help in the kitchen

 Maintain the fire

Keep camp free of wind blown debris

Haul water or wood

Camp Toyahvale Leadership and Land Owners reserve the right to

remove any individuals or groups from the Camp at their discretion.


How you can help the camp-

Donate to camp HERE  

Like them on Facebook 

Go to camp and support!


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