Camp Promise - Flint, Michigan

Camp Promise is a Water Protector camp peacefully protecting the Flint area demanding clean water for Flint residents, as well as shutting down Enbridge Line 5.


What are they fighting?-

I think we all have heard of the horrible water conditions of Flint, Michigan. This camp demands clean water now! They also fight the Enbridge Line 5 which is an aging pipeline that needs to be shut down immediately!


Are they accepting water protectors?-

Yes! Camp Promise needs water protectors. Contact them for more info


Where is camp?-

Camp is in Kearsley Park. Kearsley Park Blvd Flint, Michigan


How can you help camp?-

Donate to camp!  Send Donations to- ATTN Camp Promise of Flint
2520 E. Court
Flint, Michigan 48503

Needed donations-

Winter Gear is needed
Boots for men and women (all sizes)
Wool socks
Buddy heaters
Propane tanks
Cold weather sleeping bags
Winter tents
Snow pants (all sizes) 
Winter coats for men and women (all sizes)

Urgent Supplies
Inverters and Solar panels
Large tent structures
5 gallon water jugs
Clean wood or plastic Pallets

Gift Cards for Gas -
in $10 increments please
Speedway and Sunoco

Go to camp and volunteer!

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