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Apr 9th: No Tar Sands in SF Bay (April 9 San Francisco CA)

  • 375 Beale Street San Francisco, CA, 94105 United States (map)

Protect the Water - Join Idle No More SF Bay to say NO TAR SANDS IN OUR BAY! 

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has issued a permit to the Phillips 66 Refinery for the Refinery Expansion Project. This is the first part of a project leading toward the refinery processing more Alberta tar sands and allowing an additional 93+ oil tankers a year filled with tar sands into the Bay (also called oil sands or dilbit). These developments are directly related to the Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline in Canada - more info below. 

On Monday, 19 March 2018 the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (Air District) senior staff made several public statements about the permit it had granted to the Phillips 66 Rodeo refinery on 25 January 2018. This permit is the subject of an appeal filed by Communities for a Better Environment, San Francisco Baykeeper, Center for Biological Diversity, Friends of the Earth, Stand.Earth, and the Sierra Club.

The Air District denied that the subject permit had increased the permitted capacity for hydrocracking at the Rodeo refinery. Instead, the Air District asserted, the refinery’s hydrocracking “Unit 240” was still limited to the same 65,000 barrels per day (b/d) limit it had set in 2007, and appearances to the contrary were due to a “transcription error.” Community members, reporters, and others have asked questions about these assertions.

This project is directly related to the Kinder Morgan pipeline in Canada which our First Nations relatives & allies are resisting. Over 10,000 People protested the proposed Kinder Morgan Pipeline on March 10th and protests and arrests are ongoing:

Oil tankers spill. This would be a disaster in our beautiful bay. Join your Indigenous water protectors and land defenders to protect and defend the Bay! Tar sands are impossible to completely clean up when accidents occur ( 

Feel free to make your own signs - suggestions: No Tar Sands in SF Bay, Transparency in BAAQMD, Can’t Clean Up Tar Sands, Save the Bay, No Phillips 66 Expansion, No Phillips 66 Wharf Expansion, We Are Here To Protect The Bay, No Tar Sands Oil Tankers, Stand Up to Big Oil, Tar Sands: Keep It In The Ground