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Rally Against Keystone, LNG, and Line 3 Pipelines (Jan 2 Los Angeles CA)

  • Los Angeles City Hall (map)

Keystone XL; LNG; Line3 and 105 others, add the fracking permits approved, these are irrational and dangerous extractive corporate business plans all over our community, near and far, our Earth Mother is suffering. She is being assaulted. She is being abused. Our Mother is being raped.

- Environmental Injustice: the historical sickness of gluttony and greed, a cancer of historical addiction of profit. Assaulting, abusing and raping for a profit, the global pimps selling her blood, they are selling her gifts. Frontline communities, our POC, they fight for their lives everyday. 

- Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women #mmiw❤️ 
Daily the mass media news reports about rape culture of Hollywood. News reports are rare, closer to non existent, and for certain, not daily, about our Indigenous sisters. The sexual violence and human trafficking of Indigenous women, WOC, must be provided airtime as these crimes are global. The perps, the rapists and the kidnappers are employed amongst 2000 male employees at extractive corporations, known as man camps. Employees at pipelines in particular are known to take the lives and to take the breath of our relatives and rarely if ever see a day in court, rarely charged for their crimes. Our sister relatives are missing and never found. Our sister relatives if ever found are murdered. From the farm fields to the factory industries to the pipelines... extracting from womens' lives and extracting from our Earth Mother.

- This isn't just another call or FB event for another rally. This isn't a fashionable afternoon for a selfie. It's your day to reconnect with like minded hearts to honor the differences and find the similarities because have one goal: 
Clean Water
Clean Air
Healthy Land

The fire comes from within you....