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SFERS - Divest Pensions from DAPL, KXL, and All Fossil Fuels!

  • 1145 Market St, 6th Floor San Francisco CA (map)

San Francisco may have stated it would divest from banks tied to DAPL, but the City's pension fund still has tens of millions of dollars invested in coal, tar sands and other extreme oil projects like DAPL and KXL. Four years ago, the Board of Supervisors urged the San Francisco Employees' Retirement System (SFERS) to divest from fossil fuels. Although Retirement Board staff recommended shedding coal holdings in September, the committee that reviews divestment hasn’t met in six months, and no meetings are scheduled. 

We will not stand for this apathy to the poor Black, Brown, and indigenous people and future generations of all races who will pay the price for these short-sighted investments. We're showing up to demand some answers. Faced with the racist, greedy, and science-denying Trump Administration, it is vital that San Francisco aligns its money with its values. 

As we have already seen, when we pack the halls of power with dozens of people, we have huge power. Please show up and make your voice heard.

San Francisco’s pension fund was valued at $15 billion with $565 million in fossil fuel investments. Today, the pension fund is valued at $21 billion and fossil investments have dipped below $480 million.