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Water Is Life: A Week of Action at De Anza

  • De Anza College 21250 Stevens Creek Boulevard Cupertino, CA, 95014 United States (map)

We need a healthy environment to survive. Water is a necessity!
Learn how to help the Earth and everyone on it! Water is Life!

[!] People should not be kicked out of their land just for big oil companies to build a pipeline! Why are the Native Americans' demands toward their own Land being ignored!?
[!] People should not be denied their right to clean water! We live in a first world nation and we send people to third world nations to try to help them with their basic necessity. Meanwhile, our people can't get clean water? 

The purpose of this event is to spread awareness about the issues of the Dakota Access Pipeline, the Keystone XL Pipeline, the Flint Water Crisis, and other local water issues. This event is held in hopes to allow De Anza students to take action against these issues for the environment and to help the people affected.

There will be art demonstrations, info sessions, speakers, environmentally friendly organizations, a panel, and more!
A more detailed schedule will be released soon! 

*If you would like to get further involved with this event, feel free to reach out to us on FB. We would love more help!*

This event is hosted by: 
De Anza Political Revolution Club
Students for Justice
Artists for the Environment Club
De Anza Sustainability Alliance
DASB Environmental Sustainability Committee