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  • Pershing Square Los Angeles, California 90013 (map)

From the CITY STREETS to CITY HALL, march in solidarity with the Defund DAPL sister-march in D.C. Let’s make Los Angeles the next city to divest!

The City of Santa Monica just UNANIMOUSLY voted to cut off $1 billion from Wells Fargo for funding the Dakota Access Pipeline and unethical banking practices. Seattle was the first, severing $3 billion from the grip of Wells Fargo. It’s time for LA to STAND WITH STANDING ROCK and divest our city!!

We’re calling on Los Angeles City Council to end financial ties with Wells Fargo, and amend the city’s current Responsible Banking Ordinance to include stronger social and environmental legislation. We invite the city council to meet with us about this.

SIGN AND SHARE the Divest LA petition to Mayor Garcetti and LA City Council.

We need 5,000 signatures by Friday!


The camp at Standing Rock has been raided, with water protectors violently arrested and evicted from their ancestral lands. However the fight for racial, economic and environmental justice is not over. The fight for our planet has gone on for generations, but we must now rise to the challenge and create real and lasting change.

This is a solidarity with the Defund DAPL sister-march in D.C!

Let the people’s voices be heard! We will not condone continued investments and financing in unethical and destructive pipelines. Tell your representatives that you want our city to divest from the banks who are supporting injustice and oppression.

Stand with the people and protect the planet. #DivestLA for our future!