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Hit 'em Where It Hurts | Defund DAPL at Wells Fargo

  • Wells Fargo 333 S Spring Street Los Angeles, CA 90013 United States (map)

If there's one core evil at the root of every major problem, it's greed. Our planet, the people, the air, water, and every living thing are put at risk every day in the name of it. It has a massive effect on every single cause we fight for. Environment, immigration, healthcare, education, equality, human rights, everything.

WE CANNOT CONTINUE ON THE SAME PATH. Corporations and Government must be held accountable, we need strong leaders who will make the rigth choices for the betterment of all mankind. Furthermore, we must be the ones to do it. We must be the ones to hold the establishment accountable. We must be the ones to uplift our public leaders that are making the right choices. We must be the ones to run for office, and become the strong leaders this country, and the world needs.

If there's one language the establishment understands, it's money. It is time to do more than show up at a protest. We have to hit those involved with the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, and all dirty, greed driven projects like it everywhere, right where it hurts. In the wallet.

1) We need people that bank with Wells Fargo to close their bank accounts, that day, at the event. So, if you currently bank there or know someone who does, this is where you come in. Share this event everywhere. Tag your friends. Ask people you know if they bank with Wells Fargo and if they do, bring them with you. There are many alternatives to the banks currently invested in the DAPL. This event will also highlight your best choices when divesting, and promote alternatives on this event page leading up to the action.

2) We need you to be there. Wether you have a bank account to close or not. Show up to stand in solidarity with your community. Learn about divestment and how powerful the divestment movement is, and will be with your help. Please invite your friends, family and anyone you know who fights for a better world. Share in all your social networks.

3) We need 25 to 50 volunteers. THIS JOB WILL BE MESSY. We will be covered in black paint representing oil, and will lay silent on the sidewalk. This will last for the first hour of the event. You must be able to lay on the ground for one hour.

Live streamers.
Love. Lots of love.

The more exposure the better.

It's important that more people are made aware of the divestment movement, so we need to get as much attention as possible. Entire cities have already started divesting from banks like Wells Fargo who fund the destruction of our planet. Seattle, looking at you ;)

So, a quick overview:
Event begins. Demonstration starts, people start walking into the bank and closing accounts. Pretty simple. And of course, bring your signs, and your chants.

#WaterIsLife #NoDAPL #PeopleOverProfit