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The 28ERS Presents | Standing Rock Vs. America's Bought Politics

  • Universalist Unitarian Church of Riverside 3657 Lemon St Riverside, California 92501 (map)

===============| T H E 2 8 E R S P R E S E N T S |=============== 


We have now well past the fifth anniversary of Occupy Wall Street on September 17, 2011. To remember the days of Occupy Riverside is to remember when activists called for a "Festival of Rights" during the "Festival of Lights." As holiday visitors gazed & glazed through the Christmas lights, our country had become all-the-more ransacked with problems. Whether it was student debt, home forclosures, Wall Street Greed, police brutality, immigrant and reproductive rights, the repression of workers or any other social justice cause, Occupy offered a space to disrupt the status quo by reclaiming the commons. 

Years on, These Problems Still Haven't Been Addressed, Just Ignored--with Three More Goldman Sachs Folks in The Donald's Cabinet. So, There Is Only the Here & Now: the repreive that President Obama shruggingly provided after looking the other way as Standing Rock and other Native Americans valiantly fought against the hired thugs of the oil and banking industries is dead. Now that Trump is the 45th President, the seeming triumph of the Water Protectors now face far more daunting odds as the Presidency & the Congress aide and abet the Earth-Eating Profiteers of Wall Street. So what must be done? How can the non-indigenous support these Water Protectors? What can we do in the short and mid-term range? And how can we transform our broken political system into a paradigm-shifting democracy that represents the 99%?


Please join The 28ers as we host a round-table discussion about the problems, causes and solutions to this daily & mounting crisis of Standing Rock. We will have movement-speakers detail what they've exposed and what they've done to combat this injustice and force the hand of Oil Vultures. The 28ers will then discuss the big dream vision of ending the daily nightmares of a bought & sold politics with a 28th Amendment to the US Constitution. A Q&A with the audience and presenters will follow this discussion.



The 28ers is a post-partisan justice movement that is horizontal and hopes to join forces with organizations, communities and kindred spirits to evoke the change that America never knew it needed in the first place. The vision of our movement calls for a one-vote, one-voice democracy by creating a 4th branch of government to oversee, audit and distribute campaign contributions. To do this, we created our own 28th Amendment that was envisioned, drafted and revised over a four-month period. Our Amendment calls for a National Holiday on the election date, and creates a monetary lottery system that rewards voter participation. The amendment, though, is ultimately a people-powered act of legislation that aims to ban corporations as humans, money as speech, and requires all federal elections to be publicly funded, exclusively:

1) A Fourth Branch of Government that Oversees, Audits and Distributes Campaign Funds to Successful Candidates Based on Public Financing from Volunteer-Only Signatures; Branch Auditors Are Directly Elected by the Public.

2) Proclaims that Money Is Not Speech;

3) Corporations Are Not People;

4) To Encourage Voting, Citizens Who Vote on Election Day Are Immediately Entered into Lottery Where 50 Folks Per State Win $100,000, Tax Free. So Who Pays? The Money Is Taken Entirely from Congressional Pay!

5) And Lastly, Our Amendment Calls for a National Holiday on Election Day.