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Lakota Elder Woableza joins us from Standing Rock

  • Ohlone Herbal Center 1250 Addison St Berkeley, California 94702 (map)

Join us for this unique rare gift as we welcome Grand Chief Woableza, a tradional Lakota/Dakota Elder and Wisdom keeper who returns to our community to share his experiences of living at Standing Rock for the past 3 months.

Woableza travels to us carrying the prayers, wisdom, and prophecies from the lands of Standing Rock and is making this journey to our community to share the latest updates from his expereinces there and present the sacred prophecies and stories that speak to this time in history. 

Since the black snake prophecy has been revealed regarding contaminating oil pipelines, Woableza has made his home at the sacred grounds of Oceti Sakowin at Standing Rock where he has been living since October

Join us for an intimate evening of prayers, stories, and prophecies

When: 6:30-9 pm Sunday February 12th
Where: Ohlone Herbal Center
1250 Addison St. Berkeley ,Ca
Offering: $20-$50 Sliding scale love donation
(No one turned away. All donations will go towards supporting Woableza, his family and the tradional Lakota elders to continue their part in holding prayers and council for Standing Rock and the stopping of the black snake)

You may also contribute to our fundraiser:

*In addition, Woableza will aso be participating and supporting additional ceremonies and talks throughout the weekend of 2/11-2/12 around the bay area. 
He will also be speaking in Santa Rosa on Friday the 17th.
For more info feel free to reach out.

*It is traditional to bring an offering as an expression of gratitude in order to fully recieve the healing benefits of an elders wisdom. This helps to create a space within yourself to receive the wisdom, understanding or healing you are seeking. This offering may include sage, tobacco, sweet grass, cedar, osha root, donations or anything that you feel inspired to give from your heart. 

About Woableza:

Lakota/Dakota elder, whose spiritual name “Woableza” identifies him as “One who seeks the Knowledge of Life” or “One looking for Understanding.” He has traveled throughout the Americas for the over 40 years, acquiring and sharing indigenous stories and wisdom regarding care for the land and people. Now, he shares that wisdom with people across the continent and around the world.

In 1989, through ceremonies, Woableza was sent on a quest to seek out prophetic dreams and visions about the new world that is coming to the people of mother earth.  

Grand Chief Woableza (Wo-a-blay-za) is a Holyman and Wisdom Keeper of indigenous peoples. As a noted American Indian spiritual leader, elder, storyteller, singer and cultural consultant,  

Woableza is a great grandson of the famed Dakotah Sioux "Chief Ti Wakan" (Sacred Lodge) who was instrumental in restoring peace between the Dakota and the United States Army during the great Indian wars. He is a follower of the teachings of the famous Lakota Holyman, Chief Tatanka Iyotake (Sitting Bull).

Woableza is a Peace Teacher. He teaches about peace found within and peace among people and nations. He teaches about finding peace with Mother Earth and all creation.

He has produced films, TV programs, educational programs, and has worked with a number of Native American organization concerned with health, media, spirituality and the environment. Woableza proudly comes from Buffalo Nation.

Woableza appeared in the movie "Thunder Heart" and a PBS special, "Everything Has a Spirit." He founded the Indian News Network and Cheyenne River Public Television. Woableza is an Elder with the Spirit Walkers of Turtle Island. He was a member of the National Congress of American Indians, National Museum of American Indian and the Native American Producers Association.