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Australia In Action #WaterIsLife

  • Safe public places - Australia Wide Australia Australia (map)

Clean water is our most valuable resource, and it’s under attack!
United we stand in resistance to the undermining of Australia!
All across this sacred land, we oppose the senseless destruction.
Greedy industry and governments risking our vital life-source.
People are rising to provide for, and protect Australia's future.
Join in non-violent direct action for public awareness and change.
Demand water and our natural heritage be preserved for all species.

Nationally, everywhere. "We the people". Advancing for Australia.
Holding our ground, raising our signs. Sending a strong message.
On highways, in cities and all public places. Our purpose is clear.
To politicians paid to represent. Entrusted with the future's care. 
This is a voice of mass dissent. We did not vote for the negligent.
Inviting all people and groups, find a safe location and get involved.
Turn up and be heard. We are all one voice for our children’s future.

What began in 2015 in the eastern states against Coal Seam Gas
and Coal has room for expansion. This threat encompasses us all.
Our message is bigger. Cover the continent with every campaign.
Mines, pipelines, railways and ports. The future is NOT for export!
From the fabricated energy crisis in the east, to underlying uranium,
the closure of remote communities, all furthering the exploitation of
Australia's resources and continued injustice for our first peoples.
Fracking is no lifestyle choice. Our Great Barrier Reef worth more
than coal, while the Great Artesian Basin sustains our food bowl. 
The deforestation of our wild-places and land clearing in-between.
These greater concerns need all our faces. Make a point. Be seen.

There are no exclusion zones in ecocide. Water has no boundary.
Moratoriums and political short sightedness will not save a thing.
This is an open event for active participation to engage Australia.
A call for direct action to everyone who cares enough to answer.
It's time to shine a guiding light, in what seems our darkest hour.
Let's awaken the decision makers to the energy of people power.