All Nationz Rising Camp - Massachussets 

In memory of Marc Osten, a Water Protector community has been established in Sutton, MA to fight for clean air, water, and land under Article XCII of the Massachusetts constitution. They are a community to stop all pipelines in Blackstone Valley & MA via Education, NonViolent Demonstration Actions (NVDAs)

What are they fighting?-

The Otis State Forest Pipeline construction, SPECTRA's Algonquin Expansion, CT Expansion, the Plants in Burriville and Providence, R.I. And a staggering amount of Compressor Stations, along the way.


Can you go to camp?-

Yes, camp is accepting water protectors. Please send a message HERE to get info on coming to camp. 



Where is camp?-

Central Massachusetts 


What to expect at camp?-

General Camp Rules Of Respect, No Tolerance and Expectations of participants, as well as Security Policies in Place, prior to coming and while here. Unfortunately, At this Time only "true" Service Dogs are can be accepted.  Please ask about all other animals. NO Alchohol, DRUG, FIRE ARMS, or other WEAPONS. Massachusetts has Very Strict Weapons Laws


How can you help camp?-

Go to camp!

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