3 Fires Alliance Camp - Michigan

The Three Fires Alliance is an indigenous-led organization/cultural camp with the goal of awakening humanity utilizing the Seven Grandfather Teachings and the 7th Generation Prophecy of the Three Fires People. (Odawa, Ojibway, and Bodowatami) 

What are they fighting?-

Not only is camp is committed to shutting down Line 5, they are educating camp members on their culture and participants can learn lifestyle changes that decrease their dependency on fossil fuels. 


Can you go to camp?-

Camp is now open to friends and family of Three Fires Alliance but if you would like to attend camp please message them HERE


What to expect at camp-

Camp is rustic for now, no running water or electricity. You would need your own everything, including food.


How can you help camp?-

Reach out to camp HERE and like them on Facebook