2 Rivers Camp - Texas

The Society of Native Nations (SNN) has been asked by the Big Bend Defense Coalition of Alpine, TX and the surrounding communities in West Texas to help stop the Trans Pecos Pipeline. The camp has been named "Two Rivers Camp", known as "La Junta de los Rios" by the local native communities such as the Jumano, Apache and Conchos People.The Trans Pecos Pipeline (TPPL) is owned by Kelcy Warren, billionaire and CEO of Energy Transfer Partners, the same company that owns the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota. The TPPL is a fracked gas pipeline that is being built through west Texas. It will go under The Rio Grande River into Mexico where the gas will be exported to various foreign countries. One hundred and forty three (143) miles of this pipeline is considered "intra-state," which means it requires NO environmental, archaeological, socioeconomic, safety, routing or other studies or impact assessments have to be taken into consideration. UPDATE ON 2 RIVERS CAMP! THEY ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING WATER PROTECTORS AS THEY ARE TRANSITIONING CAMP TO A DIFFERENT LOCATION! PLEASE CONTINUE TO SUPPORT AND STAND BY FOR FURTHER UPDATES!


Here’s why we must fight the Trans-Pecos Pipeline:

1) It will gothrough the Chihuahuan Desert, which is one of the three most 

biologically diverse arid regions in the world. 

2)  It will destroy the delicate ecology on both sides of the border. 

3) It will go under the Rio Grande. In the event of a leak or an explosion, the 

methane from the gas could infiltrate the water aquifer that sits just 50

feet below the Rio Grande

4) and IF completed, FRACKING will begin to take place, 

This will bring on a whole new set of water contamination issues to a 

water source that is already scarce to the area there. 

5) The pressure testing of the pipeline ALONE is also going to use millions

of gallons of water.


Energy Transfer Partners (company also behind DAPL) has forcibly taken land from 34 local landowners in the name of eminent domain, a legal process that should only be used to benefit the public. The Society of Native Nations has committed to assist the Big Bend Defense Coalition by helping to create a camp that will provide a base for Water Protectors to come help stop this pipeline. It is time for all of us to Stand Up and Speak Out against these greedy profiteers by helping to stop the Trans Pecos Pipeline.


Can you come to 2 Rivers Camp?- 

No, 2 Rivers camp is currently changing camp location please CLICK HERE for more info


What to expect at camp-

1) NO alcohol, drugs, or weapons This includes medical marijuana! The state of Texas does not permit marijuana AT ALL!

2) Please come SELF SUFFICIENT for the initial opening of the camp. 

Please come prepared for primitive camping conditions in a desert area.

3) All rules of the camp will be adhered to. These rules are established to protect everyone in the camp.

4) There is a border patrol check point on the way out of camp so please be advised and be prepared.


How you can help the camp-

Donate! 2 Rivers Camp is in desperate need of donations you can donate directly HERE You can also donate to Big Bend Coalition HERE and this will also reach 2 Rivers Camp.

Send Supplies! CLICK HERE for an active supply list and send to: 

2 Rivers Camp

P.O. Box 714

Marfa Tx 79843

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